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Knight Street Light

Application:Urban street, bridges, parks, country roads, where energy saving and high color rendering performance index lighting are required

Street Lighting Solutions for a Safe and Efficient City

A well-lit city not only enhances safety but also boosts the overall ambiance. Knight Street Light, a renowned manufacturer, ensures optimal illumination for urban streets, bridges, parks, and country roads. With a professional approach, this street lighting solution delivers superior performance, promoting energy savings and high color rendering.


High Performance and Energy Efficiency

The Knight Street Light boasts a high lumen efficiency of 150lm/W, providing bright and comfortable visual experiences. It offers 5700K, 5000K, and 4000K standard temperatures, with 3000K available on demand, catering to different lighting needs. This street light's photometric design ensures even illumination, covering all angles for a safer and more productive environment.


Advanced Features for Enhanced Functionality

Knight Street Light takes pride in its advanced features, making it a truly innovative and user-friendly product. Its housing made of aluminium ensures excellent heat dissipation, significantly extending the lamp's lifespan. The street light's projector feature allows for uninterrupted illumination even during harsh weather conditions. Plus, its unique toll-free opening from the lower side secures the electrician's safety during installation and maintenance, making it a user-friendly and safe choice.


In conclusion, the Knight Street Light is a comprehensive solution that combines performance, efficiency, and advanced features to provide a safe and efficient lighting experience for any urban space. With its professional approach and commitment to quality, Knight Street Light is truly a cut above the rest in the world of street lighting.

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