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LED Street Light- RK

Input voltage: 90~305V

VacInput frequency: 50/60Hz

Power factor (PF): 0.95

Surge protection level: common mode 6kV

Working environment temperature: -35 ℃~55 ℃

Working environment humidity: 10%~90%

Color temperature (CCT): 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Color rendering index (CRI): ≥ 70

Main material: ADC12

IP protection level: IP65

Service life: > 50000 hours

Application:Urban street, bridges, parks, country roads, where energy saving and high color rendering performance index lighting are required

Product Features

  • Lighting Source: High lighting efficiency, low lighting depreciation Adopt world famous LED chip, with excellent low thermal resistance system engineering design to effectively reduce lighting depreciation;

  • Driver: Long life, smart type The ultra-wide voltage range is available in most countries and regions. It adopts high surge protection level to effectively protect the drive circuit and intelligently adjust the output current according to the working temperature to extend the chip service life;

  • Structure: New LED module design, excellent heat dissipation Unique patented IP67 LED light engines, tool-free onsite replacements of light engines greatly reduce maintenance cost;

  • Light distribution: Equiluminous and isobrightness type.Through the sofware scientific simulation for differert road conditions and needs;

    Ergonomic and specialized lighting distributions available for various roadway applications;

  • Intelligence: Internet of Things, Big Data Optional NEMA receptacle & photocell.

Overview of the RK Series LED Street Light

The RK Series LED Street Light is a top-of-the-line outdoor lighting solution that combines efficiency, durability, and sustainability. This state-of-the-art street light offers a wide range of features and benefits, making it an ideal choice for various applications.


Technical Specifications


  • Input Voltage: The RK Series LED Street Light operates on a versatile input voltage of 90~305 V, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power systems.

  • Frequency: It supports a standard frequency of 50/60Hz, providing a stable and reliable lighting experience.

  • Power Factor: With a power factor of 0.95, the RK Series Street Light ensures optimal energy efficiency and minimal power consumption.

  • *Surge Protection: The light offers comprehensive common mode surge protection of up to 6kV, protecting against electrical disturbances that could compromise its performance.

  •  Working Environment: It can withstand extreme weather conditions, operating at temperatures ranging from -35 ℃ to 55 ℃ and maintaining humidity levels of 10%~90%.

  • Color Temperature & CRI: The RK Series Street Light offers three color temperature options, 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K, each providing a warm and vibrant light. A color rendering index (CRI) of ≥ 70 ensures excellent color accuracy and brightness.

  • Main Material: Made from high-quality ADC12 aluminum, the RK Series Street Light is not only durable and resistant to corrosion but also adds a sleek and modern aesthetic to any space.

  • IP Protection Level: With an IP65 rating, the RK Series Street Light offers superior water and dust protection, ensuring it remains operational in even the harshest weather conditions.

  • Service Life: Backed by an impressive service life of 50000 hours, the RK Series Street Light promises long-term use and minimal maintenance requirements.



The RK Series LED Street Light is a comprehensive and reliable solution for all your outdoor lighting needs. Its wide voltage range, advanced technical specifications, and superior performance characteristics make it a top choice for commercial and residential applications alike. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing street lighting or install new infrastructure, the RK Series is a reliable and efficient choice.

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