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Restrictive factors of LED street light

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Restrictive factors of LED street light

As the earth's resources become increasingly scarce, the investment cost of basic energy is increasing, and various safety and pollution hazards are everywhere. Solar energy is becoming an "inexhaustible and inexhaustible" safe and environmentally friendly new energy. The more important it is. At the same time, with the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, solar lighting products have the dual advantages of environmental protection and energy-saving. The application of LED street lights, garden lights, lawn lights, etc. has gradually taken shape, and solar power generation is developing in the field of LED street light lighting. Has become more and more perfect. So what are the constraints of LED street lights? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

There are more LED street lights in my country

Domestic light sources cannot meet market demand

Product maintenance is difficult and the product price is high

There are problems in product design and quality, which need to be improved

There are more LED street lights in my country

In response to the global financial turmoil, the Central Development and Reform Commission has allocated 4 trillion yuan and local financial support. It is estimated that more than 10 trillion yuan will be invested in national transportation, supporting enterprises, and improving infrastructure. The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China launched the "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand" LED street light semiconductor lighting application project across the country. Under this strong east wind, the semiconductor lighting industry, which has always been supported by the government, will be a great opportunity for development. Many companies are optimistic about the development space of this sunrise industry, especially the obvious energy-saving advantages of semiconductor outdoor lighting. In the past two years, many companies have put into production. Without knowing the characteristics of semiconductor road lighting, they have simulated, imitated, and made along the shape of today's conventional lighting LED street light, and products have been introduced to the market. Most of the LED street lights have different degrees of problems.

Domestic light sources cannot meet market demand

The development of domestic LED light sources is relatively late compared with foreign countries, and the technical level is still a certain distance from the international leader. Although domestic LED light sources can reach 100,000 hours in theoretical life, they cannot be completely and effectively solved due to heat dissipation problems, thus making their actual lifespan. Greatly discounted. Unstable power supply system: It is the industry consensus that the LED drive power is unstable. It is dragging the LED street light industry, because the drive power is an important part of the LED street light, and its failure will cause the failure of the entire lamp. Poor power supply reliability may cause the installed LED street light to be broken in a short time. This is difficult for outdoor high-altitude devices such as LED street lights to install and repair, and for LED street light manufacturers, it is unstable. The power supply makes the maintenance cost higher.

Product maintenance is difficult and the product price is high

LED street light maintenance problem. The high-pressure sodium lamp is easy to maintain, as long as it is scrubbed, it does not need to be replaced. The light source is replaced once every 4 years, which is very convenient. LED street light involves LED tubes, modules (including lenses, etc.), power supply devices, etc. The components and LED street light components are more likely to be damaged and difficult to maintain. They are likely to be replaced as a whole, and the cost is high. The price of LED street lights is relatively high: the price of LED street lights is 2-5 times that of high-pressure sodium lamps. Even though the power consumption of LED street lights is only half of that of high-pressure sodium lamps, the price of LED street lights is much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. The cost recovery period of replacing high-pressure sodium lamps with LEDs will still be very long.

There are problems in product design and quality, which need to be improved

The color of the LED street light. High-power LED street light, as a road lighting source, is too cold or even gloomy in terms of visual perception, which is not conducive to motor vehicle driving. The life span of LED street lights is not high. The average life span of a high-pressure sodium lamp is 4 years. There is no practical experience in the service life of LED street lights. The existing companies claim 50,000 hours, and there is no reliable basis. Because the life of the capacitor of the LED street light driving circuit device is only about 10,000 hours.

A High-power LED street light is white light with a color temperature of about 5000K. LED street light is used as a road lighting source, the visual sense is too cold, and at the same time, the observation ability will be reduced during long-sightedness. In this regard, the street lamp user unit has the most say. The yellow light or warm white light of about 3000K is more suitable for road lighting, so daylight color the LED street light is not suitable for street lights.

CECEP Latticelighting is a high-tech company focusing on LED energy-saving lighting applications and providing smart lighting solutions. China Energy Conservation Group is our largest shareholder and is owned by the Chinese central government. We have top-notch professional research teams and national laboratories. The above are the constraints of LED street lights, and our company will continue to improve based on these factors. If you are interested in LED street lights, you can contact us, our website is


CECEP Latticelighting is a high-tech company focused on LED energy saving lighting application and offering smart lighting solution. CECEP Group is our biggest shareholder which owned by Central Government of China.



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