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What quality of street lamps should be paid attention to?

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Mastering the correct evaluation of the performance of road lighting fixtures can help street lighting management units to choose a reasonable cost performance of the product, to achieve good lighting effects and energy-saving indicators, to get a good social effect, reduce the difficulty of maintenance work, and maintenance costs, improve management efficiency. Let's talk about the quality of street light should be paid attention to.

Here is the content:

l Heat dissipation function

l Color rendering performance

l Waterproof and moisture-proof function

Heat dissipation function

In daily life, many people only see the street lamp in the light, but do not know that its head also has a heat dissipation system, such as the hot summer, people need to sweat system, but also need to open the fan to cool down is a reason. Street lights work outdoors for a long time, the outdoor temperature difference is very large, there must be a good heat dissipation system. If the heat dissipation solution is not good, light decay will be very large, resulting in rapid aging of the lamp head, the stability is significantly reduced. Life cannot be guaranteed.

Color rendering performance

The better the rendering performance, the more realistic the physical color will be. It means that the color of the object under this light is closer to the color of daylight at noon. To meet the needs of different environments, we also need to have a variety of light colors. Color rendering is also related to strobe, the faster the rectifier starts, the less strobe, the less power loss and glare. A good street light needs to eliminate the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps and lanterns, so that the visual comfort, improve the efficiency of workers.

Waterproof and moisture-proof function

Most of the street light controller is installed in the lamp cover, battery box, as usual, will not enter the water, but in the actual project case some because of improper placement will be caused by rainwater flowing into the street light controller along with the external wiring of the controller terminals short circuit. The cavity of the light head will have a relatively airtight air mass, when the light is lit, the air will expand, and when it goes out, the air will contract, which is the fatal "breathing effect" of the street light exists. Street lights experience this "breathing effect" process every day, will inhale a certain amount of water vapor into the cavity, water vapor into the light is easy and difficult to go out, and over time condensed into water droplets, which will eventually corrode the device and PCB board, failing the light. Therefore, do a good job to be corroded inside the light. That is, the street light waterproof level is very critical.

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