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What needs to pay attention to LED outdoor lighting design?

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During the design process of lamps with different functions, the operation methods are different. And the design of LED outdoor lighting is different from the design of indoor lighting. These lamps have technical requirements for heat dissipation during the design process. So what are the points that should be paid attention to in LED outdoor lighting design? Let's take a look!

Here is the content list:

l Specific working environment

l Heat dissipation problem

l Corrosion resistance

Specific working environment

First of all, when designing LED outdoor lighting, you need to consider the specific working environment of the lamp. Because it is often in an outdoor environment, it is often affected by chemical gases, sand and dust, rainy days, humidity, ultraviolet rays, temperature, and other conditions. These specific working environments will affect the service life of LED outdoor lighting, so when designing, consider the adverse effects of severe external environment on LED outdoor lighting.

Heat dissipation problem

In the design process of LED outdoor lighting, it is necessary to solve the problem of heat dissipation. Generally, the heat sink and the shell are put together. This method is already quite good. LED outdoor lighting can choose aluminum alloy, copper alloy, aluminum, and other alloy materials with better thermal conductivity. There are many kinds of heat dissipation, heat pipe heat dissipation, strong wind cooling heat dissipation, and air convection heat dissipation. LED outdoor lighting can choose a suitable heat dissipation method according to the specific working environment and needs.

For LED outdoor lighting, the radiator is a very important component. In the design process, we must pay attention to the heat dissipation surface area, volume, shape, and other factors. If the designed radiator is too small, then the outdoor lighting will have a too high temperature during the work process, which will affect the service life and luminous efficiency of the lamp; If the radiator is too large, it will increase the production cost of the product, thereby affecting the product's price competitiveness. Therefore, it is very important to design a suitable radiator.

Corrosion resistance

There is a very important reason why LED lighting is used outdoors because the lamp itself can withstand the harsh weather of wind, sun, and rain during the use of LED outdoor lighting, so it is not easy to be caused by weather during use.

In the ever-changing outdoor environment, only LED outdoor lighting can be used for lighting. Another important reason is that it has excellent corrosion resistance. Even if it is corroded by rain, it is not easy to show corrosion. This comes from its material. Its production process is from fusion-casting to kneading forming before oxidation treatment. In this production process, two processes of heat and cold are used to make it have strong corrosion resistance. So LED outdoor lighting can withstand wind and rain outdoors.

LED outdoor lighting should consider these related issues in the design process, otherwise, it will be difficult to use outdoors.

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