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What is the scope of LED outdoor lighting projects?

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The LED outdoor lighting project has emerged with the development of LED light sources. LED outdoor lighting has obvious advantages compared with ordinary lighting. LED lamps have good energy-saving effects, and LED lamps are also very useful in outdoor lighting projects. With good results, what is the scope of outdoor LED lighting projects? Let us introduce it in detail below.

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l Project Introduction

l Good energy-saving effect

l Commonly used LED lights

Project Introduction

The requirements of LED outdoor lighting are mainly the illuminance, brightness, color rendering, and visual effects of the light environment of the illuminated surface. The light environment of LED outdoor lighting includes outdoor spaces such as roads and squares. Modern lighting also includes city night scene engineering, building lighting engineering, landscape lighting engineering, road and bridge lighting engineering, etc. The scope of outdoor LED lighting projects includes building lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, bridge lighting, and other projects.

Good energy-saving effect

LED outdoor lighting has a very good energy-saving effect. The power consumption of the same illuminance is only a fraction of that of ordinary lighting fixtures, and the use cycle is long. The use time can reach 50,000 hours or even higher. These outstanding advantages make the application of LED lamps very widely, many lighting projects have also begun to use LED lamps, and LED lamps also have good results in outdoor lighting projects. Compared with other lights, LED outdoor lighting consumes less electricity. The outdoor space is large and the installation height is high, and the previous technology must be high power to consider the high lumen output required. Nowadays, high-efficiency LED outdoor lighting can provide the required light output, but the required light output is less than half of the traditional lighting. This is why LED lighting is used in outdoor lighting projects.

Commonly used LED lights

LED lights commonly used in outdoor LED lighting projects include LED floodlights, LED wall washer lights, LED buried lights, etc., and some corrugated lights, tree-lighting lights are suitable for decorative lighting or landscape lights. Outdoor LED lights are very good. The protection of LEDs generally reaches IP65. Among them, LED underwater lights are LED lamps specially designed for places with water sources. This is also because of their good waterproof effect, they can be widely used. These LED lamps are used for both theme lighting and decorative lighting, so they have a wide range of applications.

LED outdoor lighting projects before we understand the contrast lighting project is related to someplace, in general, is now more outdoor lighting fixtures lighting projects using the main difference is the lighting of the LED light source.

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