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What is the history of the development of China Street Light?

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What is the history of the development of China Street Light?

Over the past decades, streetlights, which have witnessed an important development in the history of modern lighting in China, have undergone radical changes in form, function, and socio-economic benefits they bring. Today, street lights can be seen everywhere on the streets. It illuminates people's night travel environment and is favored by people. So do you know how Chinese street lights have developed step by step into what they are now?

Here is the content:

l The first Chinese street lights

l The middle stage of street light development

l The birth of a new light source

The first Chinese street lights

In 1843, the first street light appeared in the streets of Shanghai, China. Although it was lit by kerosene, it was more sacred than moonlight in people's minds. Crowds of people along the Huangpu River went there specifically to see it. Later, the street lights in Shanghai's tenements were changed to gas lamps, which were transplanted from London, and the brightness was increased several times than the kerosene lamps, which were simply the "sun" at night in the eyes of pedestrians.

The middle stage of street light development

The emergence of electric lights could not be separated from two great scientists, namely the Russian Alexander Rodkin and the American Thomas Edison, who designed the incandescent light bulb in 1873. A few years later, Thomas Edison improved this bulb, making it brighter and cheaper to produce. With the advent of this bulb in large numbers, the steam lamp quickly withdrew from street lighting and the electric lamp took its place as an important tool for outdoor lighting at night in cities. Subsequently, the form of lights also changed. Urban roads have become complicated with the development of The Times. The original short and monotonous street lamp could no longer meet the needs of people, so a high street lamp came into being.

The birth of a new light source

1993 The concept of smart city that quietly emerged in the world, many developed countries actively carry out the construction of the smart city, the city of water, electricity, oil, gas, transportation, and other public service resources information through the Internet organic connection, intelligent response to better serve the needs of the public learning, living, working, medical and other aspects, as well as improve the government's management of traffic, environmental control and so on.

With the advent of the 21st century, people began to pay attention to global environmental issues and increase efforts to develop environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. So a new light source was born. LED is one of them. Its long life, energy saving, and stable advantages make it in the street lamp industry widely used. With the advent of solar power, street lights can generate electricity directly from natural sources. Solar power combined with LEDs is like adding wings to a tiger.

From the development of street lamps, the lamps used now are very bright, more beautiful, more environmentally friendly, and the construction of smart cities has become an irreversible historical trend. With the development of cities in the world today, lamps in smart cities need wisdom. Street lamps carry not only lighting but also more demand for human wisdom in a better life.


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