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What is the attention to the installation of outdoor LED lighting

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The application of LED outdoor lighting is outdoors. The working procedure of LED outdoor lighting engineering is generally a series of activities such as lighting engineering designers through lighting and lighting design, and technicians performing lighting engineering installation, debugging, and acceptance. There are the following points for the installation of LED outdoor lighting fixtures. Let us introduce them in detail below.

Here is the content list:

l Fixing of lamps

l Pay attention to heat dissipation

l Circuit protection

Fixing of lamps

LED outdoor lighting will experience wind, rain, and sun when outdoors, so how to fix it is very important. If 3M glue is used to fix it, the 3M glue will decrease over time and cause the LED outdoor lighting belt to fall off. Therefore, the outdoor installation often adopts a card slot fixing method. The way of fixing the card slot needs to cut and connect the place, the method is the same as indoor installation, but it needs to be equipped with waterproof glue to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection point. Then fix it with a special fixing clip. You can drill the eye with an electric hammer, and fix the clip with a plastic expansion tube and screws.

Pay attention to heat dissipation

The radiator is one of the key components of LED outdoor lighting. Its shape, volume, heat dissipation area, etc. should be designed to be beneficial, small in size, and good in heat dissipation. A radiator with an excessively high working temperature will affect the working efficiency and lifespan of LED outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting with poor heat dissipation capacity will increase the cost and weight of work and cause waste of resources. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right radiator with guaranteed quality.

In addition, consider factors such as luminous efficiency, service life, and working environment. The correct installation method is also a key factor affecting the life of LED outdoor lighting, which is worth noting.

Circuit protection

Due to the complex working environment, LED outdoor lighting is affected by natural conditions such as temperature, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, rain, dust, and chemical gases. At present, LED packaging materials mainly use epoxy resin and silica gel as packaging materials. The difference between the two is: epoxy resin packaging has poor temperature resistance and is easy to age over time. Silicone packaging has good temperature resistance, so you should pay attention to selection when using it.

In short, the installation of outdoor LED lighting should pay attention to the implement ability, while ensuring safety and durability.

LED outdoor lighting should pay attention to the three aspects of lamp fixing, heat dissipation, and circuit protection. Doing these tasks can increase its service life.

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