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What are the types of LED outdoor lighting

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In today's lighting era, LED lighting is deeply loved by the broad masses, and its advantages are also obvious. LED lamps are divided into indoor and outdoor lamps. LED outdoor lighting refers to the lighting of outdoor buildings and landscapes, which are required to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and achieve decorative effects. Today, let's take a look at the varieties of outdoor LED lighting!

Here is the content list:

l LED wall washer

l LED road lights

l LED lawn light

LED-wall washer

LED outdoor wall washer is a kind of LED outdoor lighting. The light washes the wall like water. It is mainly used for building decoration lighting and can also be used to outline the lines of large buildings. The technical parameters of the LED wall washer are generally similar to that of an LED floodlight. Compared with the circular structure of the LED floodlight, the strip structure of the LED wall washer is better handled. Because LED light sources have the characteristics of energy-saving, high light efficiency, and long life, the wall washer lamps or other light sources have been gradually replaced by LED wall washer lamps.

LED road lights

The road is the artery of the city. The main lighting is a street lamp. The LED street lamp is a lighting facility that is set on the road to provide vehicles and pedestrians with the necessary visibility at night. It is the main type of LED outdoor lighting. LED road lights can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. Beautiful appearance, strong decoration, large lighting area, good lighting effect, concentrated light source, uniform illumination, small glare, easy to control and maintain, and the height is generally 6-12 meters.

LED lawn light

LED lawn lights are lights used on lawns. LED lawn lights are widely used in parks, noble communities, garden villas, square green spaces, tourist attractions, resorts, golf courses, corporate factory green spaces, lighting of residential quarters, commercial pedestrian streets, etc. Since the development of lawn lights, according to different use environments and design styles, different types have been derived, which are divided into six categories: European lawn lights, modern lawn lights, classical lawn lights, anti-theft lawn lights, landscape lawn lights, and LED lawn lights. Therefore, it is also a kind of LED outdoor lighting.

LED landscape light

The height of LED landscape lights is generally between 3-15 meters. Its main components consist of 5 parts: a variety of light sources, light-transmitting materials, lamp bodies, flanges, and basic embedded parts. LED landscape lights are called landscape lights because they are diverse, beautiful, iconic, representative, architectural, and have the characteristics of beautifying and decorating the environment. It is suitable for public places such as lakesides, residential quarters, tourist attractions, residential quarters, parks, campuses, gardens, villas, botanical gardens, large squares, pedestrian streets, and other public places. Many outdoor places also need beautification and decoration, so LED landscape lights are a kind of LED outdoor lighting.

The above are a few common LED outdoor lighting, they are often used in different outdoor environments to illuminate and decorate the city.

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