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What are the main applications, applicable environments, and installation methods of LED tunnel lights?

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What are the main applications, applicable environments, and installation methods of LED tunnel lights?

LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light, LED tunnel light is used in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy and all kinds of factories, engineering construction and other places of large area floodlighting, most suitable for the urban landscape, billboards, building facades for beautification lighting. Then the main application of LED tunnel light, the applicable environment, what is the installation method? Let's go to see it together next.

This is the content list:

l The main applications of LED tunnel light

l The applicable environment of LED tunnel light

l LED tunnel light installation method

The main applications of LED tunnel light

LED tunnel light is mainly used in the main road, secondary road, branch road, factory, school, garden, city square, courtyard, and another road lighting. LED tunnel light output power and luminous flux improvement also need to be further enhanced from the high-power white LED epitaxial technology, chip technology, and another basic level. In terms of secondary optical design, LED radiation forms are Lambert type, side-lighting type, batwing type, and spotlighting type. In the field of road lighting, according to the design experience LED tunnel light Lambert type and bat wing type is more applicable, through the secondary optical design, so that the LED light range, luminosity curve is in line with the needs of road lighting.

LED in the most common form used in LED tunnel light is mainly in the luminaire, in an almost flat mounting surface (also reflective surface), loaded with a matrix of LED, this design approach is not possible to get good LED tunnel light distribution.

The applicable environment of LED tunnel light

LED tunnel light shell is made of high-strength, tough alloy environmental protection materials, transparent parts for strengthening tempered glass, dustproof and waterproof, corrosion and rust resistance. LED tunnel light has a strong resistance to strong collision and impact. LED tunnel light multi-channel anti-vibration structure and high-tech surface spraying treatment, a variety of close to high-intensity high-frequency vibrations cannot be LED tunnel light good electromagnetic compatibility, will not cause interference to the transmission network.

LED tunnel light installation method

LED tunnel light has ceiling type, boom type, seat type, wall hanging type, and other installation methods, easier operation. LED tunnel lights adapt to the needs of different worksite lighting. LED tunnel light and electrical box integrated design, the overall reliability, low failure rate, the use of maintenance more safe and convenient. LED tunnel light basic situation long tunnel according to the double hole one-way driving way to lay the lamps and lanterns, tunnel lighting is divided into entrance section, transition 1, 2, 3 sections, basic section, and exit section. The LED tunnel light function is divided into strengthening light, full daylight, and emergency light three. LED tunnel light double side of the cloth light the installation height of LED tunnel light is 5.5 meters.

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