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What are the light source and characteristics of LED road lights?

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What are the light source and characteristics of LED road lights?

Road lighting is an important part of urban lighting, so the development of new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmentally-friendly LED street light for urban lighting energy saving is of great importance. So what are the light source and characteristics of LED road lights? Let's go to see it together next.

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l LED road light source

l LED road light features

LED road light source

LED road light source of the scenery of more enterprises, but because of the mixed enterprise technology, so the performance of the product is also different, especially the brightness and light decay, service life difference is relatively large, the following high-power LED road light introduction to everyone in the selection of related products for reference.

LED road light material is made of vacuum coated reflector, high-purity aluminum reflector cavity, lamp shell, and heat sink, high-strength tempered glass cover, high-power LED road light source, high-efficiency constant current source.

LED road light is suitable for urban roads, sidewalks, squares, schools, parks, courtyards, residential areas, factories, and other places that need LED road light.

LED road light features

LED road light adopts single high-power LED (30W-100W) encapsulated with independent intellectual property rights as the light source, using a unique multi-chip integrated single-module light source design, the use of imported high-brightness chips.

LED road light first integrated design of heat sink and lamp shell, LED directly connected to the shell, through the shell cooling wing and air convection heat dissipation, fully ensure the service life of LED street light 50000 hours. LED road light according to 12 hours of work per day, its life also in more than 10 years, maintenance costs are extremely low.

LED road light surface for UV resistance anti-corrosion treatment, high-temperature foam silicone seal, effective dustproof and waterproof, the overall lamp protection to IP65 level.

LED road light using a single elliptical aluminum reflector cavity, with a multi-curved vacuum coating reflector, targeted to control the light emitted by the LED road light in the required range, improve the uniformity of the LED road light effect, and the utilization of light energy, more highlight the advantages of LED road light energy saving. Compared with the traditional sodium lamp, can save more than 70% of electricity.

LED road light without bad glare, no strobe. LED road light eliminates the ordinary street lamp's bad glare caused by blinding, visual fatigue, and visual interference, improve driving safety.

Start LED road light without delay, power on the normal brightness, without waiting, eliminating the traditional street light long start process.

LED road light green and pollution-free, LED road light does not contain lead, mercury, and other polluting elements, there is no pollution to the environment.

LED road light and solar energy combination is a great partner, give full play to the advantages of LED DC low-voltage work and energy-saving and environmental protection, solar photovoltaic panels combined with the LED light source, LED road light for customers to achieve the best cost performance and high reliability.

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