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What are the introduction of LED tunnel light and lighting requirements?

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The LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light. LED tunnel light is related to the introduction and lighting requirements, so what are the introduction and lighting requirements of LED tunnel light? Let's go to see it together next.

This is the content list:

l Introduction of LED tunnel light

l LED tunnel light lighting requirements

Introduction of LED tunnel light

With the rapid development of China's road traffic construction, the scale and number of road tunnel construction is also growing, LED tunnel light tunnel lighting also emerged from this, such as energy-saving, safety, and other urgent problems, with the LED light source technology is becoming more and more mature, the domestic lighting industry also carried out LED in the highway LED tunnel light tunnel lighting application of research and Application practice, therefore, in the LED tunnel light tunnel lighting combined with advanced control methods, the use of high luminous efficiency, good stability, long life of the new generation of light sources will become a demand and trend.

LED tunnel light lighting requirements

LED tunnel light tunnel lighting design considers factors such as length, line, interior, road type, with or without sidewalks, link road structure, design speed, traffic volume, and car type, LED tunnel light at the same time also consider the light source light color, lamps and lanterns, arrangement, lighting level, brightness outside the cave and the human eye to adapt to the state, LED tunnel light tunnel lighting design is to solve this series of problems.

As well as the use of high-efficiency light sources, high-efficiency lamps, and lanterns, increase the light reflection ratio and lighting control energy-saving, etc. LED compared to traditional light sources, the biggest advantage is energy-saving and stability, so based on the advantages and characteristics of LED, improve the efficiency of LED chips, reasonable light distribution design to improve the overall efficiency of the lamps and lanterns, is the current LED tunnel light tunnel lighting is an important issue to be addressed.

LED light source luminous efficacy is the basic indicator to measure the efficiency of its tunnel light source, according to the requirements of LED tunnel light in practice, LED tunnel light is used to achieve a certain level of luminous efficacy to meet the needs of replacing the traditional road lighting source sodium lamp, metal halide lamp. In recent years, with the continuous development of LED chips, packaging, and lighting distribution technology, the efficiency of LED tunnel light LED light source has been raised to a new high level, LED tunnel light using high-quality chips, reasonable light distribution, and structural design.

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