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Some matters about LED tunnel light tunnel lighting

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Some matters about LED tunnel light tunnel lighting

With the rapid development of China's road traffic construction, the scale and number of road tunnel construction are also increasing, next, we say some matters about LED tunnel light tunnel lighting, let's take a look at it.

This is the content list:

  • There are several special visual problems in ordinary tunnels

  • LED tunnel light tunnel lighting each section has a different role

The general tunnel has the following special visual problems

Before entering the tunnel (daytime), due to the difference in brightness between the inside and outside of the tunnel, so from the outside of the tunnel, LED tunnel light is not sufficient to see the entrance of the tunnel "black hole" phenomenon.

After entering the tunnel (daytime), the car from the bright outside into the tunnel even if it is not too dark, it takes a certain amount of time LED tunnel light to see the internal conditions of the tunnel, known as the "compliance lag" phenomenon.

Tunnel exit, in the daytime, the car through the long tunnel near the exit, due to the exit to see the external brightness is very high, LED tunnel light lighting the exit looks like a "white hole", will present a very strong glare, the driver will feel non-compliance. At night and the opposite of daytime, LED tunnel light lighting tunnel exit to see not a bright hole but a black hole, so the driver cannot see the external road line and obstacles on the road.

LED tunnel light tunnel lighting each section has a different role

LED tunnel light tunnel lighting is generally divided into five sections of lighting, such as the approach section, entrance section, transition section, middle section, and exit section, where each section has a different role.

Approach section, the approach section of the tunnel is a section of the road close to the tunnel entrance, close to the beginning of the section from the entrance for a LED tunnel light lighting stopping sight distance, LED tunnel light lighting stopping sight distance according to the highway tunnel lighting design rules, by the way, the approach section is located outside the tunnel cave, its brightness from the natural conditions outside the cave, no artificial lighting, but because the brightness of the approach section is closely related to the cave lighting, so it is customary to also call it a lighting section.

Entrance section, the entrance section is the first LED tunnel light lighting section after entering the tunnel, the entrance section used to be called the adaptation section, this section needs LED tunnel light artificial lighting.

Transition section, the transition section is between the entrance section and the middle section of the LED tunnel light lighting section. The LED tunnel light section is used to solve the problem of driver visual adaptation from the entrance section of high brightness to the middle section of low brightness.

In the middle section, the driver driving through the entrance section and the transition section, the driver's vision will have completed the dark adaptation process, the task of the middle section LED tunnel light lighting is to ensure the safety and stability of the tunnel.

Exit section, in the daytime, LED tunnel light to enable drivers to gradually adapt to the strong light at the exit, eliminating the "white hole" phenomenon. At night, LED tunnel light so that drivers can see the external road inside the cave line and road obstacles, eliminating the exit of the "black hole" phenomenon, the common practice is to use LED tunnel light outside the cave as continuous lighting.

In the daytime, the tunnel exit section of the LED tunnel light illumination degree with the entrance section of the illumination degree, should be higher than the fundamental illumination degree value of the tunnel. At night, on the contrary, should be lower than the fundamental illumination value of the tunnel, when there is street lighting outside the tunnel, tunnel LED tunnel light within the road brightness value shall not be lower than the open-air brightness value of two times.

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