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SMT patch line transformation to enhance the value and creativity of the production line

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Reason for technical transformation

The SMT old patch equipment was purchased in 2013 and has reached its depreciation limit. When the online body operates on one side, employees use a semi-automatic printing machine to screen the lamp board and then transfer it from the semi-automatic screen printing machine to the connecting station.  After the placement machine and reflow soldering, the board is manually tested. The optimal placement speed is 15,000 CPH, but the actual fastest placement speed can only reach 11,000 CPH.As the production of lamps increases, there are the following problems: space waste and handling waste. The old patch equipment cannot meet the production needs of the assembly line, and the long service life of the old equipment and aging components will lead to problems such as line downtime and maintenance, so it is necessary to purchase new equipment to improve the placement production.


Technological transformation mode

The new SMT patch line uses two-wire reflow soldering (as shown below). The new patch line uses automatic loading machines and automatic solder paste printing machines, saving manpower. Simply arrange personnel in advance to prepare materials in the loading machine material box, place the prepared material box in the loading machine, and achieve automatic loading and printing. There is no need to arrange fixed personnel to print solder paste. The old printing machine and placement machine continue to be used, and with the new equipment translation machine entering the dual-track reflow soldering, dual-line simultaneous operation can be achieved.

Technological transformation process

The first step: plan the layout of equipment and the location of ventilation and lighting, and arrange electrical wiring in advance to prepare for equipment installation and debugging. The second step: equipment hoisting, installation, and debugging.

The equipment manufacturer originally planned to install and debug the SMT equipment in 1-2 weeks. In order to accelerate the installation progress and meet the tight production task requirements, we actively communicated with the equipment manufacturer and planned the layout in advance, arranging SMT employees to work overtime urgently for several days to complete the transfer, placement, and arrangement of shelves, equipment, and materials; arranging the electrical wiring, ventilation, and lifting schemes on the SMT site in advance. With sufficient preparation and the active cooperation of employees, the installation and debugging of the new equipment was completed in only two days, greatly improving efficiency, saving time costs, and avoiding the impact of installation and debugging on production during peak periods.


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