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Prospects and advantages of LED tunnel light

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Prospects and advantages of LED tunnel light

LED tunnel light is a kind of tunnel light. LED tunnel light is used for large-area floodlighting in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy, various factories, engineering constructions, and other places. LED tunnel light is most suitable for urban landscapes, Illumination of billboards, and building facades. Inevitably, what are the development prospects and advantages of LED tunnel lights? Let's take a look together next.

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Development prospects

Development advantages

Development prospects

At present, in the LED tunnel light tunnel lighting applications adopted by the light source, high-pressure sodium lamp because of its high visual luminous efficiency and has been used on a large scale, but high-pressure sodium lamp in the LED tunnel light tunnel lighting there are still some insurmountable problems, mainly poor color rendering and light source power selection range is limited, especially in the internal section lighting, high-pressure sodium lamp, on the one hand, there is no smaller power, on the other hand, LED tunnel light point-like strong light source caused by the glare and strobe is more serious.

Development advantages

LED tunnel lights can be said to be a combination of the advantages of high-pressure sodium lamps, straight tube fluorescent lamps, and induction lamps. LED tunnel lights are currently the most ideal light source for tunnel lighting applications. The advantages of LED tunnel lights are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1, With high luminous efficiency, the current mass production LED tunnel light single-chip 1W LED luminous efficiency can reach up to 100lm/w or more, and because it is a single-sided light, in the design process of the entire lamp optical system, you can do a very high lamp efficiency.

2, With long life, LED in a reasonable thermal design and power supply drive conditions, can have up to 50,000 to 70,000 hours of life, for 24-hour LED tunnel light tunnel lighting applications, can greatly reduce the maintenance LED tunnel light costs, and can shorten the payback period.

3, It is easy to light distribution, LED tunnel light LED light source due to the small size of the light, single-sided light, the direction of light is very strong, so you can easily match the lens or reflector, to achieve a more ideal light distribution, not only to improve the efficiency of the entire LED tunnel light, but also to ensure good uniformity.

4, LED tunnel light design flexibility, LED tunnel light is not only flexible in power design, using about 1W LED devices, according to the actual LED tunnel light illumination requirements to change the number of an LED light source, to achieve the best energy-saving effect, and because of the small size, LED tunnel light shape The design of the LED tunnel light is also very flexible, can be made into a linear LED tunnel light to achieve better visual permeability, can also be designed into a rectangular LED tunnel light for higher illumination requirements of the entrance section, transition section, and exit section.

5, With intelligent dimming control, LED tunnel light using LED can realize the lamps and lanterns of the infinitely dimmable, can be combined with the brightness of the cave to dynamically change the brightness of LED tunnel light tunnel lighting, give full play to the technical characteristics of LED tunnel light with LED tunnel light to further improve the energy-saving effect of LED tunnel lamps and lanterns to achieve intelligent tunnel lighting.

Although the current large-scale application of LED tunnel light there are still many difficulties and challenges, such as the imperfection of LED lighting product standards, the negative impact of some inferior products on the market promotion, LED tunnel light the initial purchase cost is higher. These are to the LED tunnel light product mass-market application pressure, but these pressures are any new technology new products in the early stage of promotion and application will inevitably encounter.

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