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Problems in the process of motor vehicles passing through the tunnel

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Problems in the process of motor vehicles passing through the tunnel

LED tunnel light tunnel lighting design considers factors such as length, line, interior, road type, the presence of sidewalks, the structure of the link road, design speed, traffic volume, and car type, etc., but also consider the light source light color, lamps, arrangement, lighting level, brightness outside the cave and the human eye to adapt to the state, LED tunnel light tunnel lighting design is to solve a good This series of problems. So what is the problem of motor vehicles through the tunneling process? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

  • Blackhole phenomenon

  • After the tunneling process presents problems

  • Problems when approaching the exit of the tunnel

  • Problems before exiting the tunnel at night

Black Hole Phenomenon

During the daytime, motorists' eyes have been conformed to the natural light illumination of outdoor up to 100000 lx or more thousands of cd/m2, when the eyes turn to the LED tunnel light tunnel environment with only a few cd/m2 brightness, due to the limited perception of the human eye on the difference in brightness, presenting the phenomenon of compliance lag, they will see a black cave, and cannot identify the state of it. The phenomenon of seeing an all-black cave in a bright environment like this is called the black hole phenomenon. Once the black hole phenomenon is presented, as the motor vehicle approaches the tunnel, the driver's visual interval is shortened, and cannot drive safely. The black hole phenomenon is the visual problem that occurs before entering the tunnel, is the most important problem in LED tunnel light tunnel lighting. To avoid the onset of the black hole phenomenon, LED tunnel light from the tunnel entrance to the beginning of the interval to ensure that there is sufficient brightness, the full length of this part than the motor vehicle's safe braking interval is slightly longer. Into the tunnel, due to the existence of a large luminance difference between inside and outside, there is a delay in compliance, the driver's vision cannot quickly adapt to the LED tunnel light tunnel brightness, it is difficult to see the internal situation of the tunnel. To avoid the onset of this situation, the tunnel entrance brightness should be made with the visual compliance speed slowly reduce the brightness to smoothtransition, LED tunnel light brightness reduction to stop step by step, but the former brightness and the latter brightness ratio shall not exceed 3:1, and the brightness of the wall below 2m high cannot be lower than the corresponding uniform road brightness.

After the tunneling process presents the problem

Daytime brightness in the tunnel than the night road LED tunnel light illumination hall degree, night LED tunnel light brightness to be lower than daytime. Traffic flow in the long tunnel car emissions, then, because the exhaust gas cannot be quickly dissipated constitute smoke, light absorption, and scattering, reduce visibility, and make visual recognition difficult, headlights by car exhaust are very influential, cannot meet the demand for visual recognition, the front 100m road brightness by half, usually LED tunnel light road lighting 2 times the brightness to compensate for the impact of exhaust gas.

Problems when approaching the exit of the tunnel

After the exit to see the external brightness is very high, the exit looks like a bright hole, showing a serious glare, the exit into a white cave, which is called the white hole phenomenon. With the white hole as the background, motor vehicles and so on into a black silhouette is easy to identify, but followed by a large box truck behind the silhouette of a small car and a large truck overlap is difficult to see, in the traffic flow of LED tunnel light tunnel exit left, to be able to identify the overlap in the size of the vehicle made by the LED tunnel light lighting is called export lighting, LED tunnel light exit lighting the length of the interval for a few dozen meters.

Problems before exiting the tunnel at night

At night, from the bright tunnel drive out to no LED tunnel light lighting road before, outside the tunnel has also become a kind of black hole, cannot see the road alignment and the presence of obstacles, at this time, should be just out of the tunnel exit road, in greater than the safe braking interval, about the equivalent of motor vehicle driving a few seconds of the interval, the road to stop LED tunnel light lighting, to reach the appropriate degree of brightness.

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