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LED road light development status

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LED road light development status

With the increasing scarcity of traditional energy sources, the application of LED road light will become more and more widespread, especially in the field of solar power generation has developed into a mature sunrise industry in just a few years. So what is the development status of LED road lights? Let's take a look at it together next.

This is the content list:

  • Currently one of the most important aspects of solar power application is the price

  • The battery life affects the development status of LED road light

  • The quality of LED lights varies from layer to layer

  • The choice of controller

  • Pay attention to anti-theft work

  • The waterproof of the controller

Currently one of the most important aspects of solar power application is the price

Take a two-way LED road light as an example, two-way load for a total of 60 watts, (to the Yangtze River in the lower and middle reaches of the region effective light 4.5h/day, 7 hours per night discharge, increase the battery panel 20% reservation calculation) its battery panel will need about 160W, calculated at 30 yuan per watt, the cost of LED road light battery panel will be 4800 yuan, plus 180AH About the cost of the battery pack is also in about 1800, the entire LED road light one-time investment cost is significantly higher than the utility street lights, resulting in a major bottleneck in the application of LED road light.

The battery life affects the development status of LED road light

LED road light battery life should also be considered in the entire street light system applications, the general LED road light battery warranty of three or five years, but the general battery in a year, or even six months later will appear to charge the situation of dissatisfaction, some of the actual charge rates may drop to about 50%, which will certainly affect the normal lighting at night during the period of continuous rainy days, so it is particularly important to choose a better-LED road light battery.

The quality of LED lights varies from layer to layer

Some engineers often choose LED lights for LED road light lighting, but the quality of LED lights varies, light decay serious LED half a year may decay 50% of the illumination. Therefore, LED road light development must choose slow light decay LED lights, or use induction lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, etc.


The choice of controller

LED road light controller choice is often ignored by engineers a problem, LED road light controller quality varies, 12V/10A controller market prices range from 100-200 yuan, although it is the smallest part of the value of the entire street light system, it is a very important link. LED road light the controller's good or bad directly affects the component life of the solar street light system and the purchase cost of the whole system, you should choose a controller with low power consumption, the controller works 24 hours a day, such as its power consumption is large, it will consume part of the electricity, it is best to choose the power consumption in 1 mA (MA) below the controller. To choose the LED road light controller with high charging efficiency, the controller with MCT charging mode can automatically track the maximum current of the panel, especially in winter or the period of insufficient light, MCT charging mode is about 20% more efficient than others. Should choose LED road light controller with two-way power adjustment, LED road light controller with power adjustment has been widely promoted, in the night when pedestrians are scarce time can automatically turn off one or two-way lighting, saving electricity, but also for the LED lights to adjust the power. In addition to choosing the above power-saving features, should also focus on the LED road light controller for LED road light battery and other components of the protection function, like a controller with trickle charge mode can be good protection for the battery, increase the battery life, in addition to setting the controller under-voltage protection value, try to under-voltage protection value in ≥ 11.1V, to prevent battery over-discharge.

Pay attention to anti-theft work

Far from the city should also pay attention to anti-theft work, many engineers because of construction negligence, no effective anti-theft, resulting in the theft of LED road light batteries, battery panels, and other components, not only affect the normal lighting LED road light, but also caused unnecessary property losses. Engineering cases are mostly stolen LED road light batteries, LED road light batteries buried in the ground with cement is an effective anti-theft measure, the best way to add a battery box on the light pole will be welded and reinforced.

The waterproof of the controller

LED road light controller is generally installed in the light cover, battery box, generally will not enter the water, but in the actual engineering cases, the controller terminal connection line often because of rainwater along the connection line into the controller caused by the short circuit. So in the construction should pay attention to the LED road light internal connection line bent into a "U" and solid type, the external connection line can also be fixed as a "U", so that the rain cannot rain into the LED road light controller caused by a short circuit, in addition to the internal and external connections can also be used in the controller. In addition, you can also apply waterproof glue at the interface of the internal and external lines.

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