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Introduction to the source of the charm of lighting the nightscape - the quality of urban landscape lighting

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First, set clear lighting goals. Before starting a city landscape lighting project, it is necessary to clarify the goals of the lighting, such as enhancing the city's image, creating a festive atmosphere, or increasing commercial value. Based on different goals, develop different lighting plans to better meet the needs of urban development.

Secondly, adjust measures to local conditions and make reasonable layout. Different cities and regions have their own unique cultural, historical and geographical characteristics, so it is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions and make layout according to the actual situation when carrying out landscape lighting. For example, the lighting project of the Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County of the company, the appearance of the lower end of the lamp post is a long drum, and the top is a butterfly shape, which has the characteristics of local ethnic minorities. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the characteristics of different buildings, roads and gardens to make the landscape lights coordinate with the surrounding environment. For example, the flowerbed and green space lighting in Ruiguang Park and Cultural Square adopt a top-down projection lighting design, which can highlight the shape of flowers.  The trees along the river bank use light fixtures with simulated bird nests as decorative packaging. At the same time, it also meets the requirements of engineering quality: the quality of lighting design should avoid the impact of lighting fixtures on the ornamental value of the landscape; the light should be irradiated from top to bottom, and the scattered light should be avoided to cause light pollution to the environment and people; the scattered light should not affect the ornamental value of the landscape or the surrounding environment; the quality of tree lighting design requires the selection of suitable irradiation methods and the installation location of lighting fixtures; try to avoid the long-term light exposure and the installation of lighting fixtures, which have corresponding effects on the growth of animals and plants; avoid the close-range lighting of ancient trees and other precious trees; consider the leafy characteristics and colors of deciduous trees, as well as the seasonal changes of evergreen trees, to determine the illumination level of trees and select the color table of lighting sources.


Again, choose appropriate lamps and colors. The selection of lamps and the matching of colors are key factors that affect the quality of landscape lighting. The lighting effects, light angles, and colors of different lamps vary, so it is necessary to choose appropriate lamps and colors based on the actual situation to achieve the best visual effect. For example, using ice blue light color line lights along the river bank as a backdrop, and using courtyard lights on the shore for illumination, achieves a good visual feast. In the design of waterscape lighting, it should also meet several engineering quality requirements: the lighting source, lamps, and their electrical accessories must meet the required protection level of IPX7 or above for use in water and safety requirements, and should be easy to maintain and manage;  the bright lamps should be concealed in combination with the landscape requirements, taking into account the appearance effects of taking protective measures when there is no water and when it freezes in winter; functional lighting should be set up around the waterscape to prevent visitors from accidentally falling into the water; according to the shape of the waterscape and the reflection effect of the water surface, choose the appropriate lighting method.


Overall, parks and squares are important places for people to live and relax, and the landscape lighting of green spaces and trees should adhere to the people-centered approach, avoiding glare and light pollution from the perspective of human viewing, creating a warm and bright atmosphere for the improvement of the citizens' nightlife.


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