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Introduction of LED road light, selection, and related matters

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Introduction of LED road light, selection, and related matters

Road lighting is closely related to people's production and life, with the accelerated urbanization of China LED road lights will become the best choice for energy-saving road lighting transformation. LED road light is the introduction and selection, so what is the introduction and selection of LED road light? Let's go to see it together next.

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  • Introduction of LED road light

  • The selection of LED road light

Introduction of LED road light

LED road light is lighted all year round, rainy weather is guaranteed. LED road light energy saving, high luminous efficiency, unit W can produce 80LM or even higher luminous flux. LED road light color rendering is good, pure white light, all visible light.

The most important point is that LED road light can be used with DC drive, LED road light This is especially important in solar energy because solar power is also DC, can save the cost and energy loss of the inverter link. LED road light to sunlight as energy, daytime charging night use, without complex and expensive pipeline laying. LED road lights can be arbitrarily adjusted to the layout of the lamps, safe, energy-saving, pollution-free, no manual operation, stable and reliable work, saving electricity costs, and maintenance-free.

LED road light is mainly composed of solar cell part (including bracket), LED light head, control box (with controller, battery), and light pole several parts. LED road light panel luminous efficiency of 127Wp/m2, high efficiency, very favorable to the system's wind-resistant design. LED (30W-100W) as the light source, the use of unique multi-chip integrated single module light source design, the use of imported high-brightness chips. LED road light control box body made of stainless steel, beautiful and durable.

The selection of LED road light

LED road light battery design capacity calculation is simpler than the peak wattage of solar modules.

LED road light according to the above calculation know that the load daily power consumption 12.2AH. in the case of battery full, can work continuously for 7 rainy days, plus the first night of work, battery capacity: 12.2 × (7 + 1) = 97.6 (AH), the choice of two 12V100AH battery can meet the requirements.


LED road lights will eventually choose modular installation and maintenance. The most used road surface high-pressure sodium lamp, the internal ballast, and other components are not easy to damage, most of the reasons for not being bright are the light source damage, the way to repair as long as the light source can be replaced. A skilled operator can be completely personal for high-top operation. However, the LED road light internal components are many, in addition to the LED road light source, various other parts of the damage will lead to the chip does not light. Therefore, in the field, it is impossible to immediately determine the cause of LED road light damage. If the LED road light does not light up, the LED road light needs to be taken off and shipped back to the factory for various tests. The final version of the development of LED road light is to become modular, and the light source, electrical, etc. of LED road light are all replaced according to the plug so that a skilled worker can also be completely independent to determine the cause of damage to the LED road light and repair the site.

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CECEP Latticelighting is a high-tech company focused on LED energy saving lighting application and offering smart lighting solution. CECEP Group is our biggest shareholder which owned by Central Government of China.



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