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How to maintain LED outdoor lighting?

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How to maintain LED outdoor lighting?

LED outdoor lighting has high-quality performance and long service life, has a very wide range of applications, and has made outstanding contributions to urban lighting projects. To ensure the good performance of LED outdoor lighting, some factors must not be ignored during its use. The main ones are the following aspects. Let us introduce some in detail below.


Here is the content list:

  • The difference in power supply

  • Pay attention to anti-static measures

  • Pay attention to temperature effects

  • Pay attention to waterproof problems


The difference in power supply

To reduce costs, many lighting manufacturers use a resistance-capacitance step-down power supply, which affects the life of LED outdoor lighting. When we choose and use, it is best to choose LED outdoor lighting with a dedicated switching power supply. Although the cost is higher, it also avoids the trouble caused by frequent damage.


Pay attention to anti-static measures

It is necessary to pay attention to anti-static measures during the production of high-power LED outdoor lighting. For example, the manufacturer formulates special work regulations. The staff must wear uniform overalls, anti-static rings, anti-static gloves, etc., to ensure the humidity of the working environment, and an anti-static ion fan can be installed to effectively avoid static electricity from being generated on the LED. The harm to improve work efficiency. In addition, higher-grade LED outdoor lighting has relatively higher antistatic performance than ordinary LEDs.


Pay attention to temperature effects

The increase in temperature will cause the internal resistance of the LED light source to become smaller, and the regulated power supply will increase its working current. When the rated current is exceeded, it will affect the quality of the LED outdoor lighting, and even burn out the high-power LED outdoor lighting. Therefore, it is best to choose a constant current source for power supply during use to prevent it from being affected by temperature. LED outdoor lighting must have a good heat dissipation system. Excessive heat will directly cause damage to the internal components of the LED lighting, which will lead to the failure of the LED lighting.


Pay attention to waterproof problems

Whether it is LED guardrail tubes, LED high-power wall washer lights, especially LED underwater lights, as long as it is LED outdoor lighting used outdoors, attention should be paid to the treatment of waterproof problems, and the treatment should be sealed and moisture-proof. If the waterproof problem is not taken seriously, it will have a serious impact on the use of LED outdoor lighting.

All in all, the cleaning and maintenance of LED outdoor lighting should prevent electrical shock and prevent transient overcurrent. Generally, electrical shocks are caused by extremely large transient overcurrents, and the direct consequence of this is to cause damage to other parts close to the welding line, such as sealing materials. Second, make a good heat dissipation system.


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