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Differences and similarities between LED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting

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Differences and similarities between LED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting

Light can improve people's quality of life, but also affect people's quality of life. Light surrounds cities and buildings. There are differences in the lighting schemes designed by different designers. Different buildings have different lighting modes and different design fields. For example, LED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting have similarities and differences. Now let us introduce the similarities and differences betweenLED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting.

Here is the content list:

  • Design field and concept

  • Design method

  • Common ground

Design field and concept

LED outdoor lighting design mainly covers the fields of building exterior wall lighting design, urban comprehensive landscape lighting, and urban lighting planning. The design concept is to use the best design methods and the most economical design methods to provide customers with the most suitable lighting methods and concepts, and to use the most economical model to achieve real-life scenes. LED indoor lighting design is mainly divided into areas such as architectural night scenes, large indoor spaces, and luxury houses. The design concept is to create with a purpose, and the brightening design creation process is the process by which the designer expresses and executes his views, knowledge, and problem-solving methods. Therefore, having a strong point of view, rich knowledge, and scientific methods are the first conditions for a good designer.

Design method

LED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting design have obvious differences in luminaires. The LED indoor lighting design scheme is relatively delicate, and the treatment of the lamps also requires that every luminous point and angle is reflected. The design techniques are numerous and complicated. The number of lamps to be used is large, but the amount of engineering is not too large.

LED outdoor lighting design is mainly to create a large lighting environment and landscape lighting. Different buildings and landscape points will have different design methods. Compared with indoors, LED outdoor lighting design methods are a bit rougher, and you don’t have to worry about each one. The angle of the luminous point, but the amount of work is relatively large.

Common ground

The commonality of LED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting is basically to express architecture. The former is to express outdoor decoration, and the latter is to express indoor decoration. Both uses LED lighting equipment to create a light environment for users.

Today's lighting design is becoming more and more detailed. According to different seasons, the lighting effect will change with the season. Whether it is LED indoor lighting design or LED outdoor lighting design, it has entered artistic design. In this way, people feel the wonderful world in the constantly changing light form and light color. In the fiercely competitive LED lighting market demand, only by mastering LED patents and technology can the quality and performance of products be better guaranteed, so that LED lighting products can play a role in real applications.

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