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Battery component design of LED road light

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Battery component design of LED road light

With the acceleration of China's urbanization process, LED road light with directional light, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response time, high seismic capacity, long service life, green and other advantages gradually into the people's view, so what are the LED road light battery component design? Let's take a look together next.

This is the content list:

  • Tilt angle design

  • Wind-resistant design

  • Wind-resistant design for street light poles

Tilt angle design

To make the LED road light module receive as much solar radiation as possible during the year, we have to choose an optimal tilt angle for the LED road light module.

Wind-resistant design

In the LED road light system, the structure needs to pay great attention to the wind design, LED road light wind design is divided into two main pieces, one is the LED road light battery module bracket wind design, the second is the LED road light pole wind design. LED road light battery module bracket Wind-resistant design based on the technical parameters of LED road light battery components manufacturers, LED road light battery components can withstand the windward pressure of 2700 Pa. If the wind resistance coefficient is selected as 27m / s (equivalent to ten typhoons), according to non-viscous fluid mechanics, LED road light battery components to withstand the wind pressure of only 365 Pa. Therefore, the component itself is fully capable of withstanding 27m / s (equivalent to ten typhoons). LED road light battery assembly itself is fully able to withstand the wind speed of 27m/s without damage. Therefore, the key consideration in the design is the connection between the LED road light battery pack holder and the light pole.

Wind-resistant design for street light poles

The parameters of LED road lights are as follows. LED road light design is selected from the bottom of the pole weld width δ = 4mm the bottom of the pole outer diameter = 168mm, the weld is located on the surface of the LED road light pole damage surface. LED road light pole damage surface resistance moment W of the calculation point P to the pole by the battery plate load Faction line distance According to the maximum allowable wind speed of 27m/s, the basic load of the 2×30W double-head LED road light panel is 730N. The safety factor of 1.3, F = 1.3×730 = 949N. Therefore, M = F×1.545 = 949×1.545 = 1466N.m. According to the mathematical derivation, the resistance moment W = π×(3r2δ+3rδ2+δ3) of the circular damage surface. In the above equation, r is the inner diameter of the ring and δ is the width of the ring. The resisting moment W = π×(3r2δ+3rδ2+δ3) = π× (3×842×4+3×84×42+43) = 88768mm3= 88.768 × 10-6 m3LED road light wind load on the damage surface moment caused by the stress = M / W= 1466/ (88.768×10-6) = 16.5×106pa = 16.5 Mpa<<215Mpa, where 215 Mpa is the bending strength of Q235 steel. Therefore, the LED road light design selected weld width to meet the requirements, as long as the quality of welding can be guaranteed, LED road light pole wind resistance is no problem.

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CECEP Latticelighting is a high-tech company focused on LED energy saving lighting application and offering smart lighting solution. CECEP Group is our biggest shareholder which owned by Central Government of China.



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